Watch As Shiba Inu Helps Rocking Little Baby To Sleep

So nice to have such a dog…

If there’s one thing a new parent wants, it’s another pair of hands to help out with the child care. For one family in Hong Kong it wasn’t a new pair of hands they got but a new set of paws.

Chiko the one-year-old Shiba Inu was caught on camera rocking his human baby brother while he was sleeping.

In the adorable video, Chiko instinctively starts pushing the swinging baby chair with his paw to keep eight-day-old Leonardo relaxed during a daytime snooze.

Just to make sure he’s getting it right, he also shoots a quick look at his owner, who had rushed to grab a camera to film the cute moment.

According Leonardo’s mother, Olesia Kuzmychova, from Hong Kong, caring Chiko has already formed a strong bond with Leonardo and often hangs around his little friend.


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