Toddler And Dog Have Fun Rubbing Their Faces On Carpet Together

It may be quite common for dog owners to see their pets rubbing faces on carpets, but probably not seeing their kids doing so as well!

Fun and laughters are for sure expected! BTW, will you stop your kids doing so if you see this? You dogs doing so may be hilarious, but when you kid try to mimic it, you may feel a bit different. LOL

“The most likely reason why your dog will rub its face in the carpet is a desire to clean its face. There are two common times that your dog may rub its face in the carpet, specifically to clean itself. One is when your dog is done eating and it has small bits of food on its face and around its nose. In order to relieve the itchy sensation from those bits of food, your dog will rub its face in the carpet to clean off the food.”

“Another common time is first thing in the morning. If your dog tends to wake up with eye rheum (or eye boogers), it is not uncommon for it to use the carpet to clean the rheum off of its face. While you cannot do anything to avoid the need to clean its face after eating, you can wipe your dog’s face in the morning if there is noticeable rheum that occurs on a regular basis.”


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