This Girls Adorable Reaction To A Surprise Kitten Will Melt Your Heart

After losing her cat and best friend, Simon, this little girl was surprised with a rescued kitten and her reaction is adorable and priceless.

Literally, at a loss for words, this girl couldn’t even speak as she picked up the black kitten and started to cry.

Scroll down and see this kitten surprise video for yourself!

Wondering why the lights were left on in her room, this smart kid quickly realized she was in the middle of a surprise when she heard a meow coming from inside of her room.

Crying almost instantly after seeing the kitten in her room, this kid could hardly speak past her tears of excitement.

Gently picking up the kitten, this girl held the small black cat close as she took him to her bed, crying tears of joy the entire way.

The first sentence she spoke after picking up the cat was: “Do we get to keep it?!”

Telling her mother how much she loved the kitten was just icing on the cake of this adorable kitten surprise.

You can tell these two are going to be the best of friends for a long, long time.


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