Service Dog Patiently Guides Blind Dog Down Steep Stairs And Leads Him Around

This is so heartwarming…

This adorable footage of a blind dog being led down some stairs by its own service dog could thaw even the iciest of hearts.

The canine duo were filmed leaving a hotel together in Quezon City, in the Philippines, as the service dog patiently led its blind pal down the steep steps.

As the golden retriever, named Ginger, takes it one step at a time, the blind Cavalier King Charles spaniel, called Kimchi, carefully follows. The video shows the clear bond and trust the pair have built up.

Sick hospital patients, stressed students and staff often receive a visit from Ginger and Kimchi who provide emotional support.

The person who filmed the dogs said: “[Kimchi] was thin, mangy, weak, with flea-infested matted fur, and already blind. He was later adopted by a family with a Golden Retriever mix called Ginger, who is now almost 13 years old. Since then, a very special bond has developed between the two.”


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