Red Panda Freaks Out Of A ‘Giant’ Rock

This red panda was startled after entering his enclosure and stumbling into a rock. After standing up on his hind legs, he spread the arms wide before hitting the rock with his paws.

We’ve found a couple of versions of the same clip on the web. The one we are showing is with animations, which we think make it looks more funny. The animations of the rock fit really well with the action / reaction of the panda. Don’t you think so?

Some comments from the internet:

“It’s like he was being held at gun point, and decided to make a life threatening decision to take the gun away to save his life. Really cute though.”

“This is me when I get out my room and see mom cleaned the floor and is still wet”

“That’s creepily like me when I see a spider. It’s like “what the – FREEZE!!!””

Here is a version without animation:

and another version with voice over:

Enjoy watching!


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