Rabbit Sits Patiently As It Gets A Stylish Haircut

An adorable rabbit was treated to a makeover sits patiently as it is given a stylish new haircut. In the video, a fluffy white dwarf rabbit wears an apron and and is groomed by her owner in Harbin City in Heilongjiang Province, China.

The three-year-old bunny, named Da Xiong, is the perfect client and as she waits patiently when receiving the stylish new hairdo.

Using a comb and a pair of scissors, the owner of the rabbit brushes the long fur before snipping it short.

The tiny bunny gets her long eyebrows trimmed as she twitches her small pink nose. And her owner even positions the rabbit’s head to be straight as she quickly snips at at the fur.

Sitting wrapped in the apron, the bunny does not appear to be phased as her owner tends to her. Domestic rabbits often need extra care and attention because of their long, soft hair.

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