Puppy Thrown From A Bridge With Muzzle Taped Shut Is ‘Thankful’ Towards His Rescuer For Saving Him

Griffith, Indiana resident only wanted to take a quick stroll to the store. Fate had another task in store for Bob that day, however.

Usually, Hoelter drives to the store. But that night, he felt like he needed to stretch his legs. So he started walking the two-mile walk to the store. During the trip, Hoelter heard a weird sound that sounded like a whimper. Someone or somebody was in distress and needed his help.

He looked around the area and didn’t see anything right away. From beneath the nearby bridge, a tiny whimper was heard. Luckily, Hoelter was carrying a flashlight with him.

Once he turned the flashlight on, he crawled under the bridge. There he discovered a tiny, scared puppy. The poor little pup was not only lost, however. Some person had taped his mouth shut with black electrician’s tape.

Hoelter tucked the frightened puppy into his coat to keep him warm. Then he took the pup to Griffith Animal Hospital, which was nearby. His trip to the store would need to wait for another time. Getting the tiny dog the help needed became Hoelter’s primary concern.

Lori Kovacich, the manager of the Griffith Animal Hospital, couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw the pup. She immediately hurried the shivering dog into the examination room. She didn’t even stop to ask about the background of the little puppy.

Hoelter’s found pup had obviously been abandoned. Once the puppy was safe, Hoelter went on about his trip to the store as planned initially. The wonderful staff at the veterinary office treated the puppy and cuddled him up in blankets to regain his body heat.

They discovered that his skin had become damaged under the black tape, and that he was starving. He hadn’t eaten for days. The tiny four-month-old dog also had a broken leg.

The tape got removed, and the pup was fed and treated with antibiotics. His leg was also treated.

These vets believe that the puppy had his mouth taped and was thrown over the bridge to drown. Instead, he landed on the banks of the river. The puppy ate and happily wagged his tail. He became adopted by Mary and Don Witting, who had recently had their dog pass away. Mary named their new puppy, “Louie.”

Have you ever met a rescue dog this grateful? Let us know in the comments – and make sure you pass this along to your friends and family! 


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