Moose Mom Takes Time To Help Unsteady Baby Cross The Street

Moose are not a rare sight in Canada, but they still are amazing creatures to behold. Steve and Lalaine Muise are a couple from Alberta Canada who are not unaccustomed to Moose sightings, but this recent event provided a heartwarming memory for them.

The couple was driving home from a trip to Edmonton when they were surprised by a wonderful sight. As they were driving along, they encountered a female moose and her baby calf who was struggling on wobbly legs to cross the road behind its mother. The Mother moose was enthusiastically encouraging her infant to make a steep climb up an embankment to reach the road and cross with her.

Luckily, Steve was a driving instructor, so he knew what needed to be done in the case of a moose crossing. He stopped in the road, put on his hazard lights, and filmed the moose and her baby. The newborn moose was learning to take its first steps in this rare video footage. Steve remarked on the video that he believed the calf had been born only hours before the footage.

Although moose tend to stay in the forest, this mother seemed familiar and confident in this environment as well. The mother shot a look toward the couple and their car to make sure it didn’t pose any threat to her baby, then she carefully proceeded across the road with her infant. Traffic resumed once the moose family had safely made it to the other side onto the grass.

Steve was thrilled to have this footage for his own enjoyment, and he also looked forward to showing it to his driver’s education class. It was a good tool for driving students in Canada to teach them how to handle wildlife crossings, and It’s amazing to learn that a moose that is only hours old is capable of walking across a dangerous road on its own.

Have you ever seen a moose in the wild or along the road? Let us know in the comments, and send a link to this amusing story for your friends and family.


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