Mom Bribes Baby To Say ‘Mama’ With Food, Dies Of Laughter When Dog Says ‘Mama’ First

And the baby’s reaction is even more hilarious to watch…

We all know that babies and dogs can bring so much fun and smiles into a home, and that is certainly the case for the Diaz-Giovanini family from Utah. Mom Andrea wanted to reward her nine-month-old boy Sam and wanted to hear the word “mama” come out of his mouth, but she certainly didn’t expect to hear it coming from someone else!

The adorable dog Patch almost immediately listened to her and howls “mama” a few times.

It’s absolutely sweet, hilarious and about the most loveable thing we’ve seen all day. Patch’s howl is also surprisingly accurate. This dog has quite the talent!

The pup also always kept his eyes locked on the food that Andrea was holding in her hand, as if he wanted to claim the reward completely for himself.

The whole thing becomes even funnier when baby Sam realizes that Patch is trying to steal his spotlight.


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