Maymo Shows Us Humans How To Cook, Prepare, And Eat A Traditional Puppy Pizza

For those of you who don’t know Maymo, he is an extraordinary dog of many talents who has nearly 1 million subscribers on YouTube. Most of the videos just depict Maymo going about his day, cooking, cleaning, or going for a walk, he tries to keep it simple.

In this particular video he is showing us the secret ingredients included in his families secret pizza recipe.

Maymo is shown dressed appropriately in his chef’s hat and apron. Maymo then starts to walk us through the first steps of creating the Maymo Family Pizza.

After eating a little of the flour Maymo throws the dough for the crust onto the table, showing every one how easy baking is without an opposable finger.

Smoothly rolling out the dough, Maymo then spreads the pizza sauce evenly across it. Then comes the best part: the toppings. Maymo’s pizza ranges in style, with traditional toppings such as pepperoni and cheese to less than ordinary ones, such as popcorn, hotdogs, and dog treats.

Always remember too, “one for the pizza, one for me,” when spreading the toppings, it’s more fun that way.

Maymo then gracefully puts the pizza into the oven and cooks it to perfection. While I doubt any sane person would enjoy the resulting pizza, I guarantee you your dog would love it… almost as much as Maymo.


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