Hilarious Video Of Labradoodle Seeing Herself In The Mirror, She Just Can’t Deal With It!

Sometimes funny things happen on animals, enjoy the moment…

“I’m not freaking out I’m not freaking out I’m not freaking out”… The heartwarming video of an adorable Labradoodle — a Labrador and Poodle mix — chasing after her own reflection has become an overnight internet sensation. And after watching the cute clip ourselves, we can definitely see why.

Although it’s short, the quick 30-second video shows “Jolene the Dolly Doodle” (as she’s known on Instagram) putting up a pretty good fight against her very own reflection.

As the clip plays, Jolene curiously paws at the floor-length mirror, unsure of how to handle what exactly is going on. Darting back and forth, Jolene suddenly realizes that the other dog is mimicking her. She then crouches down and leaps backwards, completely awestruck that this crazy thing is happening to her.

At one point, she even looks back at her owner, almost as if to ask “Are you seeing this?”


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