Golden Retriever Tries To Swallow His Cat Pal, Quickly Regrets And Apologizes

Sometimes You shouldn’t take it too far when playing with your friend…

Dogs and cats are notoriously the enemies of the animal kingdom but for this playful pair all is not what it seems. Despite baring his teeth and cramming his feline friend’s head in his mouth, Ski the golden retriever is not trying to eat his tiny companion.

The initially dark video shows Ski trying to ‘eat’ one-year-old kitten Euclides but he quickly relents and offers a soggy apology when he realizes he might have taken things too far.

Instead of the tragic ending you might have expected the situation quickly turns playful and the pairs sweet nature becomes apparent.

Ferociously attacking the kitten, it seems as though there is no hope for one-year-old Euclides – until Ski starts apologizing by showering him with licks of affection.


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