Cute Puppy Can’t Stop Falling Off Of A Table For Lettuce, His Favorite Treat

Puppies love to get themselves into everything, chewing slippers and toys or causing general havoc while running around. But one thing can always seem to gain their attention… food!

While every dog loves to eat, some will eat anything while others are pickier eaters.

Take the cute puppy below for example, his favorite treat is… lettuce!?

That’s right, this puppies favorite treat is lettuce, unusual taste buds for a canine.

While I’ve heard of dogs loving all sorts of untraditional treats, from cucumbers to apples, never have I seen a puppy (or person) so fervently crave lettuce.

The puppy tries multiple times to reach the top of the table where the head of lettuce is sitting, but it’s always just out of reach.

He finally gets a bite of one of the pieces of lettuce flaking off the main body.

Jumping onto the couch the puppy finally has the elevation he needs to climb on top of the table where the lettuce is sitting.

However, the uncoordinated pup just can’t seem to find his footing as he hilariously slips off of the table.

Soon momma-pup comes along and drags the lettuce off of the table for the eager puppy.

Happily the puppy munches away on the crunchy lettuce before where it as a hat while the video ends.


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