Biker Leaps Off Motorbike To Rescue A Tiny Kitten In The Middle Of Oncoming Traffic

What will you do if you were there as a driver, biker or pedestrian?

Biker leaps off her motorbike to rescue a tiny kitten sitting frozen in the middle of oncoming traffic.

Everything seems to be ticking away as usual, with our biker complaining that stuff isn’t progressing as much as she’d like it to. ‘Jesus Christ, come on,’ she moans while waiting at a red light.

Spotting the kitten she then gasps and says, ‘OH my God! Stop! Stop!’ as cars begin to fly past the critter, missing by mere whiskers.

The woman waves at the other vehicles, pleading them to stop just for a moment. She then hops off her bike and makes a move for the kitten, which barely bats an eyelid as it is picked up.

The tiny orange kitten is escorted to the side of the road to a concerned female witness who says, ‘I don’t know who she belongs to!’

The woman then goes and retrieve her parked bike from the middle of traffic.


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