Adorable Pit Bull Patiently Waits In Line For His Vanilla Ice Cream

When you were a child, there were likely a few sounds and sights that got you excited. We learn from a young age that some things should always be associated with happiness and joy.

Perhaps it was the sound of your favorite children’s song, the sight of a present under the Christmas tree, or maybe even the joyful melody that comes from an ice cream truck passing by your home. But who knew that these conditions applied to animals as well?

Turns out that dogs have a lot of recognition for sounds and sights as well! We know one happy little pit bull who gets just as excited as a child does when he hears the ice cream man approaching his yard. Thankfully, his owner recorded the incident to share with others, and the clip is now going viral for being the most adorable thing on the internet recently.

At the beginning of the video, we hear that recognizable music coming from the truck full of treats. As the dog comes into frame, his tail is wagging because he knows exactly what is about to happen!

In the cute clip, a large pit bull is seen sprinting over to the local ice cream truck as a toddler would. There’s nothing that will stand in the way between this dog and his ice cream! Although he’s insistent on getting a scoop, he also knows his manners.

Patience is a virtue, and this dog knows it! While another person is in line before him getting their ice cream, the dog knows exactly what to do. Recognizing the need to wait his turn, the dog sits down in line like an adorable child!

Although most canines would barge right in and demand to be fed, this pit bull knows something about the importance of politeness. When he finally gets his ice cream cone, it’s a joyous day for everyone as he gets to bite right in!

The sight of this happy pit bull getting a treat on a warm day is too adorable for words. This well-mannered pup is proof that pit bulls do not deserve the bad reputation they sometimes receive in the media. You can watch the precious video for yourself below.

Do you remember how excited you were about hearing the joyful melody of an ice cream truck as a child? Were you as patient as this dog? Let us know in the comments and be sure to pass this hilarious video along to others!


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