‘Adorable’ Lion Wanna Take A Ride On Safari Vehicle Full Of Tourists!

Hmm… I probably don’t have guts to join the tour on that vehicle…

Providing a unique photo shoot opportunity to a group of guests at a safari adventure park in Crimea, the cuddly predator not only welcomed the guests but even tried to get behind the wheel for the tour.

A lion at a safari park in Ukraine climbed over tourists and even licked them in the face, just weeks after a woman was mauled at the same attraction.

Remarkable footage showed the untethered lion climbing into an open buggy with tourists – despite a recent attack when one of the predators bit a woman’s arm at the Taigan Safari Park in Crimea.

The lion, called Filya, got up close and personal with tourists in the open-sided vehicle – cuddling and even licking one woman in the face.

Tourists played with the wild beast and got amazing selfies with the two-year-old big cat as he sat in the driver’s seat and looked like he wanted to take the steering wheel and drive.


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